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CHEVIOT 2114-BC-6 Regency Tub, 72'', Biscuit In, Custom Out, 6'' Drill

SKU: 2114-BC-6-AB


elegant Regency Cast Iron Bathtub is raised on both ends to provide optimal comfort for two! Imposing lion feet complete to look of Victorian grandeur!

Cheviot Products cast iron bathtubs are handmade in Europe with the finest materials. Fired with a thick coating of AA grade titanium-based enamel for unparalleled hardness and non-porosity, the extremely durable surface is easy to clean and resistant to stains, bacteria and other microbes. Cast iron also keeps your bath warm for the longest possible time.

Made in Europe: Cheviot cast iron bathtubs are cast and hand enameled in Europe using a process that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Optimal Heat Retention: A good cast iron bathtub will absorb heat from your bathwater and return it as the water cools. Because, nobody wants to take a cold bath!

Titanium Dioxide Enamel: interior of Cheviot cast iron bathtubs is finished with a layer of titanium dioxide enamel. extremely hard surface is both durable and non-porous. Important factors for the longevity and sanitation of the bathtub. finish is also acid and alkaline resistant which means it won’t dull from exposure to cleaning agents.

Exterior Colourhttps: Choose standard white or select a custom colour to match your decor.

Safe: Your safety is important to us which is why a soft slip resistant pattern is built into the floor surface of every Cheviot cast iron bathtub.

Standardhttps: Tested to conform with ASME and CSA standards


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